Looking for Seafood Restaurants in Melbourne? Established in 2003 as Melbourne's best Seafood Restaurant finding service, this guide was created to connect users with dining options across Melbourne Suburbs and CBD that specialise in seafood dining. Boasting lists of restaurants that serve everything from seafood platters, Lobster, Oysters and Crab to Marinara, Paella, Seafood Buffets and even waterfront views. Our highly experienced restaurant reviewers have hand picked each restaurant based on their location, service and dining environment. We hope you enjoy!


10 of the Best Seafood Restaurants Melbourne Search: 31 listings

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16th Jul
With the on-set of Truffle season we though we would take the time to make it easy for you to get hold of truffles if you live in Melbourne, then once you have procured them what are the best dishes to cook to best enjoy this delicacy.

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